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What is the KTEA-3?

An achievement test is standardized assessment  designed to measure subject and grade-level specific knowledge. The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (3rd edition) measures academic achievement in the areas of letter and word recognition, math computation, spelling, reading comprehension, math concepts/applications and written expression. The KTEA-3 is individually administered in a simple, non-threatening formant making it a popular choice for elementary student families. This valid and reliable assessment is a great option for parents who are seeking a more in-depth analysis of their students’ academic strengths and weaknesses.

What is the cost?

The cost for an individually administered KTEA -3 is only $65 per student. (sibling discounts apply) This comprehensive assessment offers each student an individual digital report that includes a score summary and error analysis as well as instructional interventions (if necessary), certificate of completion, and the county required paperwork.

Who can register?

Any student in Kindergarten through 12th grade. VIRTUAL TESTING - Is available for ALL students throughout the state of Florida and beyond. IN PERSON testing is only available for students in Pinellas County. If you live outside of Pinellas County, please contact us for additional information.

How to Register for the KTEA

1) Click on the "register now" link below

2) Complete the KTEA-3 Registration Form 

3) You will receive and e-mail with directions on how to proceed

4) We will schedule a Virtual Appointment or In Person Appointment

5) We submit ALL the required forms for the county in which you reside

6) You will receive a receipt and a copy of the forms for your records

Its just that EASY, Annual Assessment Complete!

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