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An achievement test is a standardized assessment designed to measure subject and grade-level specific knowledge. The Stanford has been the most widely used tool in achievement testing since 1922. Now you can be even more confident about your placements and instructional planning with the Stanford 10 2018 norms update. Updated norms allow for the most current comparison of student performance against a contemporary representative national sample. The Stanford 10 Achievement Test series provides items designed to measure up to four achievement parameters: content cluster, process cluster, cognitive level, and instructional standard.  ​Results include: Norm-referenced scores: Scaled Score, Grade Equivalent, Stanine, and National Percentile Rank, Graphed achievement percentiles, Content cluster skills evaluations, Skills performance ratings and Score interpretation brochure

What is the cost?

Who can register?

The cost for the group administered Stanford 10 is only $75 per student. This comprehensive assessment offers each student an individual digital report, certificate of completion, and digital submission of the county required paperwork.

Any student in 3rd - 12th grade may register for the Stanford 10 test. This assessment is administered in a group setting over the course of two days. Please note, attendance both days is required. 

We Travel To Your Location!

We will bring the Stanford 10 test to your group of 6 or more students. We travel to your location and administer the Stanford 10. EVERYTHING is included, all you need to do is arrange a location, set a date and show up. It's really that easy!

2020 Stanford Testing Schedule


How to Register for group Stanford 10 Testing

1) Click on the "register now" link below

2) Complete the Stanford 10 Registration Form 

3) You will receive and e-mail with directions on how to proceed, location of testing, information regarding your test scores, and directions for how to submit your payment

4) We submit ALL the required forms for the county in which you reside

5) You will receive a receipt and a copy of the forms for your records

Its just that EASY, Annual Assessment Complete!