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How Do I Start Homeschooling?

Withdraw Your Student 

If your child is currently enrolled in a public or private school, start by withdrawing your child from that school.

                               Some schools may have specific forms or withdrawal procedures.                                    A sample Letter of Withdraw is available upon request. 

Register Your Student  

Within 30 days of beginning your homeschool program, you must file a Notice of Intent with the county superintendent. You do not need to file this

every year, just the first year.


       A Letter of Intent specific to your county is available upon request. 

Choose Your Curriculum

     If you are just starting your homeschool journey, I would suggest taking time to sort through the different styles, methods, and philosophies of learning/teaching prior to picking curriculum for your children.


I have compiled a list of curriculums we have tried over the years. Of course, these are just recommendations as everyone's style is different. 


A list of links and resources is available here. 



Comply with Florida Homeschool Law

Throughout the year, you must keep a portfolio of records and materials. The portfolio must contain: 1) a log of educational activities made contemporaneously with the instruction, with a list of the titles of any reading materials used, and 2) samples of writings, worksheets, workbooks, creative materials, etc., used or developed by the student. You must keep this portfolio for two years after it is completed. The district school superintendent or his or her agent can, but is not required to, review your portfolio only after 15 days’ written notice.


              For the most comprehensive information please click here.

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